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Regency 18 gauge stainless steel 12 x 48 solid wall shelf. Alloy 2507 is a super duplex stainless steel alloy with a mix of 25% chromium, 7% nickel and 4% molybdenum. Sandvik saf 2507 superduplex stainless steel sandvik. Looking for duplex 2507 plate, bar, pipe, or fittings. Stainless 2507, super duplex 2507, uns s32750, stainless. Stainless steel chemical composition and related uns specification table. Shop for stainless steel wall shelf online at target. Duplex 2507 is a super duplex stainless steel developed for applications that demand high strength and corrosion resistance. Stainless steel comparison of grade specifications. The grade is suitable for several oil and gas applications, such.

Strength duplex stainless steel is about twice as strong as regular austenitic or ferritic stainless steels. The chemical composition of stainless steel grade super duplex 2507 is outlined in the following table. Alloy 2507 duplexsuper duplex stainless steel plate. Free shipping on everything at overstock your online. A comprehensive list is provided listing all the grades and their equivalents for all the different naming systems. Figure 1 shows the microstructure formed by austenite and ferrite with a ferrite percent of 56%. Saf 2507, also known as sandvik saf 2507, is a sandvikowned trademark for a 25cr duplex ferriticaustenitic stainless steel. If you choose yes, enter the height in inches and which sides you want the backsplash. The most common grade that we offer, it has better corrosion resistance than type 430 and will hold up well in a variety of indoor and outdoor applications. Stainless 2507, super duplex 2507, uns s32750, stainless steel. Alloy 2507 duplex stainless steel plate sandmeyer steel.

Amazing gallery of interior design and decorating ideas of stainless steel warming shelf in. In the type 201 composition, manganese and nitrogen are partially substituted for nickel. Sandvik saf 2507 is a superduplex stainless steel characterized by very good chloride corrosion resistance, combined with very high mechanical strength. Select if you would like a backsplash for your countertop. Stainless steel shelving is designed for food processing, medical, pharmaceutical and clean room applications. Also sold as alloy 2507, this alloy is used in situations where exceptional strength and corrosion resistance are in demand. Duplex 2507 is a super duplex stainless steel designed for applications. Manufacturer test certificate laboratory test certificate from govt. It has been crafted specifically to be used in situations that require exceptional strength and resistance to corrosion including use in seawater equipment, chemical processing and petrochemical. Sandvik saf 3207 hd uns s33207 is a hyperduplex stainless steel characterized by excellent corrosion resistance in chloride environments combined with exceptionally high mechanical strength. It can stand up well to organic and inorganic acids alike.

Duplex stainless steels have a twophase microstructure of austenite and ferrite grains. Tool wear, cutting forces and machined surface finish were compared and analysed under similar machining conditions. High strength compared to austenitic and 22%cr duplex stainless steels. Keep your kitchen workspace clutter free with this regency 12 x 72 stainless steel wall shelf. The corners are solid welded and polished to a matching finish. This high molybdenum, chromium and nitrogen content results in excellent resistance to chloride pitting and crevice corrosion attack. Duplex 2507, is a commonly used super duplex stainless steel. Stainless steel grade super duplex 2507 uns s32750.

Sandvik saf 2507 is a superduplex austeniticferritic stainless steel for service in highly. Chemical process industries heat exchangers, vessels, and piping desalination plants and other saltwater applications. This high molybdenum, chromium and nitrogen content causes high resistance to chloride pitting and crevice corrosion attack and the duplex structure provides 2507. Featuring eight hooks to hang pots, pans and other kitchenware, this wall.

Nexel stainless steel wire shelving provides low maintenance content storage for retail stores, food industry, and other related environments. Specialty metals stocking range of quality stainless steel round bar includes the following materials. Duplex stainless steel 2507 is an austenitic ferritic stainless steel that provides extensive strength and corrosion resistance. Super duplex 2507 stainless steel is designed for specific applications requiring high strength and excellent corrosion resistance. Regency 16 gauge stainless steel 12 x 72 heavy duty.

Stainless steel solid shelving provide storage for a wide variety of. Chemical composition according to astm a479, uns s32750. Effects of alloy composition and strain hardening on tensile fracture of. Super duplex stainless steel 2507high temperature strength.

This regency shelf measures 12 x 72 and will be very helpful in. Stainless steel, special steel, compressor blading, turbine blading, superalloy supplier. The nominal chemical composition of saf 2507 is 25% chromium, 7% nickel. Pren, which is calculated from the chemical composition of the material. Table 2 shows the chemical composition of saf 2507 superduplex stainless steel. While the old aisi three digit stainless steel numbering system e. The 87186187 series stainless steel standards and brackets feature a single slot design with 2 vertical slot adjustability. Incorporating a great metal bookcase in a room is a brilliant way to add tons of functional storage to workspaces, office spaces, various storage areas and more. The postweld microstructure and mechanical properties of the fs weld were examined.

Organize your kitchen space with the stainless steel pot rack bookshelf from range kleen. Royal industries wall shelf, 12 x 72, stainless steel. Sandmeyer steel company stocks the only full line of 2507 duplex plate in north america with plates in thicknesses from 316 4. Composition of duplex stainless steel the table lists the super duplex pipe covered in astm specifications for plate, sheet, and bar products. Stainless steel specification and composition chart. Duplex steel 2507, 2205, 329l, stainless steel 174 ph 630 gr. It is easy to clean and can be washed down with soap and water. We can produce highquality super duplex 2507 pipe fittings, stainless 2507 super duplex fittings, astm a815 uns s32750, astm a403 uns s32750. The finish is the same as the stainless steel appliances in kitchens.

If you have ever wondered what the equivelent to a grade 304 stainless steel in british, uns, european, swedish or japanese standards is, we have the answer. Extended elevated temperature exposure can reduce both the toughness and corrosion resistance of alloy 2507. This stainless steel shelf has a maximum capacity of 315 lb. Alloy 2507 is a super duplex stainless steel with 25% chromium, 4% molybdenum, and 7% nickel designed for demanding applications which require exceptional strength and corrosion resistance, such as chemical process, petrochemical, and seawater equipment.

Super duplex 2507 stainless steel uns s32750 and uns s32760. Manufacturer of 2507 super duplex tubing pipe, 2205 duplex pipe in china. Alloy saf 2507 is a super duplex stainless steel comprised of 25 percent chromium, 4 percent molybdenum and 7 percent nickel. Super duplex 2507 stainless steel, the applications and. Chemical composition and mechanical properties only approvals. Contained hereon are details on applications, chemical composition, fabrication, machinability and available sizes from stirlings australia. Duplex 2507 is a super duplex stainless steel designed for applications which demand exceptional strength and corrosion resistance. Sandvik saf 2507 uns s32750 is a superduplex stainless steel. The grade is characterized by very good chloride corrosion resistance, combined with very high mechanical strength. The chemical composition based on high contents of chromium, nickel and. They have special quality finishing and duress for long life, high pressure and zero defects. Machinability study of first generation duplex 2205. Outstanding resistance to pitting and crevice corrosion in seawater and other chloride containing environments, with critical pitting temperature exceeding 50c. Duplex stainless steel fasteners 2205 2507 get a live.

Microstructural changes in saf 2507 superduplex stainless. Stainless steel storage shelves stainless steel shelving. Some of the applications and industries that utilize duplex 2507 include. The chemical composition of this alloy is as follows. The nominal chemical composition of the alloy used in this investigation is fe25cr7ni3. Characterised by higher contents of cr, mo, and n than standard duplex steels, resulting in increased corrosion resistance, these steels were developed for applications in aggressive chloride environments. It will not rust or corrode which is important in wet environments. Machinability tests were conducted on duplex alloys saf 2205 and saf 2507, while employing austenite stainless steel 316l as a benchmark during drilling. Super duplex s32750 2507 is a variant stainless steel alloy that is primarily used in the oil and gas industry, particularly for offshore platforms, heat exchangers, structural components, and architectural components. All these resilient attributes make it extremely useful in harsh environments and it is commonly used in chemical and petrochemical works, paper making facilities, and in marine contexts. Super duplex 2507 stainless steel stainless steel alloy. See more ideas about stainless steel kitchen shelves, stainless steel kitchen, kitchen.

Stainless steel warming shelf design photos, ideas and inspiration. The duplex structure gives this family of stainless steels a combination of attractive properties. Penn stainless products is a supplier and processer of stainless steel plate inover 30 grades, including 304l sizes range from 316. Metal bookcases are available in various styles and configurations. Type 201 is an austenitic chromiumnickelmanganese stainless steel that was developed in the 1950s due to worldwide nickel shortages. Stainless steel specifications, grades and properties. Super duplex steel 2507 fasteners possess excellent mechanical properties. The presence of chromium, nickel, molybdenum and nitrogen elements provides outstanding resistance to general and localized corrosion. Featuring 304grade stainless steel with a brushed finish, the kv stainless steel standards are perfect for applications requiring strong corrosion resistance, sanitary, easytoclean surfaces, or an improved aesthetic appearance. Duplex stainless steel round bar 2205 astm a182f51 uns s31803. Duplex 2507 uns s32750 is a super duplex stainless steel with 25% chromium, 4% molybdenum, and 7% nickel designed for demanding applications which. Stainless steel wire ss in grade 304, 304l, 304h, 316.

Fracture toughness properties of duplex stainless steels. Alloy 2507 has 25% chromium, 4% molybdenum, and 7% nickel. Uns s32750 is a duplex stainless steel especially designed for service in aggressive. Forta sdx 2507 is a super duplex product with higher corrosion resistance and mechanical strength than forta dx 2205. Keep food, dishes, or other small items from cluttering your work area with this regency 12 x 48 solid stainless steel wall shelf. Stainless steel alloy 2507, duplex 2507 continental.

The present study applied fsw using polycrystalline cubic boron nitride pcbn tool to saf 2507 super duplex stainless steel. Metal products distributor supplier metals and materials table of contents. Some metal bookshelf units are designed with a large focus on visual appeal. Rather than buy materials off the shelf, we choose to strictly control quality by. Alloy 2507 uns s32750 is a super duplex stainless steel with 25% chromium, 4% molybdenum.

Stainless steel this 18gauge stainless steel shelf is very tough and durable making you keep your most used products on this shelf safely and securely. Super duplex s32750 pipe fittings suppliers super duplex. Stainless steel specification and composition table chart. Thermal precharging of super duplex stainless steel 2507 with 125 wppm hydrogen. Often a light gauge of super duplex 2507 material can be. Microstructure and mechanical properties of friction stir. Mechanical properties of super duplex stainless steel 2507 after. Select whether or not you would like a wood backer made of 1 12 mdf buildup for your countertop. Excellent corrosion resistance in a wide variety of corrosive chemicals.

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