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We are extending our services to airports, fbo, aircraft buyers, sellers and dealers. A yearly subscription to avitass bluebook of jet aircraft. Each newsletter contains valuable information about the stability of the aviation market, current market strengths, changes in the market and much more. The aopa aircraft valuation service can be used as a good starting point when attempting to determine the general retail value of an airplane. The aircraft bluebook is designed and developed as a service for the purchasers thereof to assist them in arriving at the fair market value of aircraft listed herein, but is intended only as a guide and is not to be considered to reflect all factors involved in the appraisal process of any particular aircraft.

Afterburners from jet aircraft are often reported as ufos since they can be seen from great distances when the aircraft cannot be seen. Click here to download the adobe acrobat pdf bluebook order form. The researchers at aircraft bluebookprice digest are able to provide current market data on business aviation aircraft to their clients. Aircraft bluebook report description and definitions. The guide contains information on architects, contractors, manufacturers, suppliers, vendors, and other companies relevant to the commercial bidding and build process.

The print edition is a handy, reliable, resource to have at your fingertips on your desk or take with you to the hangar. By selecting a broker for your sale, you can receive assistance with valuing your plane from them. However, the true value of an aircraft can only be ascertained on a casebycase basis resulting from a mutual agreement among the buyer, seller, and lender. Aircraft bluebookprice digest provides standard valuation guide. Download your copy of marketline aircraft bluebook. Whether you require specific and customizable values with serialregistration number lookup or a generic value by aircraft engine type, avitas online offers the most granular view of asset values. Order avitas bluebook publications via credit card or download and submit the pdf order form below. For over 60 years, aircraft bluebook has been providing valuable information designed to give the most accurate. We give support and provide maintenance programs and facilities for companies and flying associations located all over the world. The airliner price guide covers over two hundred makes and models of commercial and regional aircraft.

Im in the market for my first ga aircraft and ive found a particular 1967 c33 debonair that suits my fancy. The purchase of this report contains specific aircraft data and information solely provided by the customer and delivered to us. Aircraft bluebook price digest, aircraft value reference vref, and airliner price guide are paidsubscription publications. The icon a5 is one of the most advanced and safest light sport aircraft on the market.

Avitas online is the premier service for obtaining industry renowned values for your aircraft and engines. Go to your state dept of revenue dept of licensing or whichever agency puts the bite on you when you buy an airplane. Download your copy of marketline fill out the form below to download marketline, aircraft bluebooks quarterly newsletter. Bluebook international announces home improvement give away sweepstakes grand prize winner. Over 4,000 critical decisionmakers, including aircraft owners, oems, bankers and insurance companies across the globe rely on aircraft blulebook to find valuations quickly and thoroughly. The aircraft bluebook historical value reference is specifically designed for lease companies, bankers, aircraft dealers, or anyone who needs to know the pricing history of an individual aircraft. Aircraft bluebook aircraft bluebook historical value. Single engine piston multi engine piston turboprop business jet.

Read the executive summary of the 2016 aircraft bluebook market values roundtable in the winter 20162017 edition of the aircraft bluebook marketline newsletter. Project blue book was the code name for an air force program set up in 1952, after numerous u. Aircraft bluebook marketline newsletter marketline. It helps to have a trusted pricing source on your side. The volume also contains an overview of recent trends affecting the air transport industry worldwide. Kbb value the trusted resource for aircraft estimations.

The airliner price guide apg has been a leading source of aircraft and engine values since its inception in 1985. The ultimate affordable bush plane is available with 2stroke and 4stroke engine options. The chinook plus 2 typically equipped with a rotax 582 65 hp and is the gold standard in short. The turboprop values book is a biannual publication. Is there a kelly blue book type of listing for aircraft. The aircraft bluebook user can then adjust the remaining fifty percent to represent the aircraft being valued using the aircraft bluebook low engine hourly rate. With the warm rays of the summer sun approaching, the current economic condition of values for preowned aircraft is anything but sunny. This chart displays each models quarterly value in relationship to its average equipped price at the inception of the. The blue book of building and construction, was a yellow pageslike buyers guide of company information targeted towards commercial construction, first published in 19.

Updated quarterly, each digital download includes more than 3,000 model years of identification and values for all types of business and general aviation aircraft. Aircraft bluebook marketlines current market strength represents an aircraft s current strength in the market. Aircraft bluebook is the premier resource for general aviation aircraft values. In the case of a freshly overhauled engine this adjustment would be a credit totaling half of the overhaul cost listed in the bluebook. Asi continued to own and operate the aircraft until 1979, when nasa purchased the aircraft from them. At blue book charters, we believe in placing all the information about charter services at your fingertips. Project blue book was the inspiration for the 19781979 tv show project u. The aircraft bluebook online provides subscribers with more than 6,000 model years of identification and values for all types of business and general aviation aircraft. New mexico, halted vehicular pursuit of a suspect after he saw a strange aircraft. Data points are represented in relationship to the respective new delivered historical price that is. Have you seen avitas online values for aircraft and engines. In addition to publishing values, the airliner price. During its illustrious 32 years of service, the original super guppy flew over three million miles in support of nasas apollo, gemini, skylab, and the international space station programs.

Values available 247 via credit card or subscription options. At the blue book charter we offer to you a comprehensive resource to worldwide aircharter operators, brokers, cargo operators and air ambulance services. Into the blue aircraft bluebook ataglance embraer phenom 300 by chris reynolds, asa aircraft bluebook. For over 65 years, aircraft bluebook has been the industry choice for complete and reliable aircraft valuation data. Kelley blue book new and used car price values, expert. Updated quarterly, each edition includes more than 3,000 model years of identification and values for all types of business and general aviation aircraft. There are four of these in common use within the aviation industry. Research resources for this study were provided by aircraft. Ive run the aopa vref to get a general ballpark idea of the value, but this particular deb has a lot of upgradesstcs that make me question the vref value. In the ten year period, this aircraft has experienced an average annual depreciation in value at. There is a guy on here claiming to be an expert on values of ford broncos for resale. Aircraft bluebook aircraft bluebook digital download. In order to deliver a personalized, responsive service and to improve the site, we remember and store information about how you use it.

However, the show frequently went against the actual project conclusions, suggesting on many occasions that. Avitas online offers you immediate access to aircraft and engine values. Click to view sample pages from the bluebook of turboprop aircraft values. The airliner price guide provides manufacturer background information, direct operating costs, and a variety of technical data. Aircraft bluebook online 1 year subscription the most accurate, comprehensive, and timely assessment of the aircraft market. Research for this study was obtained in part from aircraft bluebook, aircraft bluebooks historical value reference, the faas registry web site and various trade publications. First time posterquick question about aircraft valuations. All of the aircraft included in the aircraft segment graphs on the following pages have a composite score that is presented in the used aircraft market graph. Marketline aircraft bluebook marketline newsletter. This is an online historical reference guide with over 30 years of general aviation aircraft prices by quarter. Aircraft bluebook languages english for over 50 years, aircraft bluebook has been providing valuable information designed to give the most accurate, comprehensive and timely assessment of the aircraft.

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