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With footwork, theres pulse, yes, but it can be hard as hell to put your finger on. The ultimate by rp boo, released 25 november 2016 1. Footwork is a style of house dancestreet dance that originated in chicago in the early 1990s the dance involves fast movement of the feet with accompanying twists and turns, and usually takes place as part of a battle. A precursor to the trancework compilation, planet mu label boss and all round music legend mike paradinas has put together this mix for thump aka vice showcasing almost every track on this unique compilation, which takes 90s trance classics and gets a renowned roster of footwork artists from around the world to remix them in a juke style.

With its origins in juke, ghetto house and ghetto tech, footwork was born. So hard has paradinas fallen for juke, for what he describes as its raw primal. Dj apollo chicago footwork juke mix ghetto house duration. In 2001 he was introduced to the fruityloops program and has been making house and juke music ever since. Dj rashad teknitian track 17 from mike paradinas footworkjuke mix by mike paradinas a. Over the past few months, you may have heard the terms juke and footwork enter into the wider musical lexicon courtesy of tracks and compilations from the likes of addison groove and mike paradinas planet mu. Planet mu is an english electronic music record label run by mike paradinas. Listen to mike paradinas footworkjuke mix by mike paradinas a. Footwork jungle provides a devastating insight into the notsodistant future. Electric energy rp boo returns with the ultimate rp boo, showing off six brand new cuts that mix a range of styles with his vivid use of samples and improvised drum programming. Its all pretty fast 160 bpm or so, the juke stuff is more stright up whilethe footwork stuff is that mad shit that makes peoples legs turn to jelly. He had mixes for mixmag and clash which i would regularly listen to when i. This is one of my favourite footwork sets bro smashes it. Taking the old, the classic and the traditional then firmly twisting the life out of it.

Vapor city archives by machinedrum, released 17 november 2014 1. The planet mu labels second compilation of chicago juke and footwork music, a genre that combines the minimalism and fast beats per minute of ghettotech with the traditional boom of bass music, follows this weird dance music even further, so. The first single off the album is fancy footwork or fafo for short a thrilling, catchy, percdriven, feelgood, summertime, miniclub jam. Licensed to youtube by believe music on behalf of 50 weapons. I put on one of my blogs that mike paradinas who compiled the cd. Old school, homemade jungle breaks are savagely contorted into a new form, a new genre, a new way of working. Download and listen to new, exclusive, electronic dance music and house tracks. Word has spread through youtube and the blogosphere, but the reason why this curious subgenre has risen to the fore is perhaps largely, if not solely, due to planet mu owner and avantgarde bass music ambassador mike paradinas. But the genre has been around for a number of years in the chicago area.

And because the braintrust at turbo are basically into giving away incredible music almost for freewe came up with a new concept. Footwo rk i like footwork footwork is a style of related music and street dance that originated in chicago. Mike paradinas footwork mix 2 fact mix 274 by mike paradinas a. Michael paradinas born 26 september 1971, better known by his stage name. I do still produce a bit, and ill do the occasional remix here and there. The album features established producers whove come up through the juke. Footwork via the free bandcamp app, plus highquality download in mp3, flac and more.

Kanye wests flashing lights, we juked it out so people that were familiar with that song could get familiar with our songs, and get em interested. Until now, bar a few low key vinyl 12s and local mix cds plus tracks posted on. Footwork is a style of related music and street dance that originated in chicago. Explore the universe of footwork and juke in a handy foldout map. The album got me into the whole jukefootwork sound, along with expanding my palate as a whole, surrounding my intellect with just where bass music was and could be headed at that point in time. Addison groove the next next big thing especially if youre planet mus labelheadidm legend mike paradinas is the footworkjuke sound coming out of chicago. Mike paradinas footworkjuke mix mixcloud listen to mike paradinas footworkjuke mix cloudcast by mike paradinas a. The music style has evolved from the musical style juke that was a derivative of chicago ghetto house. Around 2008, years before british producer mike paradinas introduced.

Fancy footwork remixes from turbo recordings on beatport. Stream and download the mix below, and check out clents recent mix for. And invariably, the moment you feel like youve got it, its gone again. It was a track i first downloaded on a now defunct website called rcrd lbl. A taste of japanese juke and footwork from the nations pioneer. Traxman, who runs with both the ghetto tek djs with rashad, spinn, manny, boylan, taye, etc. Underground djs and writers, like dave quam, venus x, jcush, and planet mus mike paradinas, were among the first to pick up on the sounds, and. Mike paradinas footwork juke mix by mike paradinas a. Today, were bringing you 30 brand new tunes by the legendary traxman, all mixed by planet mus mike paradinas who has clearly proven himself to have a fantastic ear for the creamofthecrop footwork tracks.

Ive not yet jumped on the bandwagon with juke music, but guys like addison groove take some of that chicago flavor to mess up their ukbased postwhatever grooves. Juke is the music but footwork is the music and the dance. Download do footwork mp3 by gambitguy online free from desktop or your mobile device on mino. Endless mike paradinas footworkjuke mix by mike paradinas a. Over one million legal mp3 tracks available at juno download. Back on track so to see this new single pop up, and listed as being released on ninja tune only one of the best labels of the past twenty years. Ziq brings us this very interesting mix of what he tags as juke ghettotech footwork ghetto house chicago house. Footwork jungle samples bass music sample pack download. The jettisoning of houses reliable 44 kick the one that juke remains wedded to is key in this respect. Mike paradinas aka ziq is one of the people to first stumble across the. Dj clent kicks off history of footwork mix series with a stash of unreleased material. Fact mix 274 is an intense footwork session by someone who has been instrumental in popularising the form outside of its native chicago. Stream addison groove juke mix 14 by addison groove from desktop or your mobile device. March 26, 2017 breaks, dubstep, electronic listening music, footwork n juke, heart of the bass, robot rock mixtape admin hovering above unhindered and shifty the free flow beats on this mixtape hover just above 150 bpm as the sweet daddy slips and slides between juke, dubstep, breaks, drumnbass, idm, and even some sped up trip hop.

Contrary to its sister genre, juke, footwork does not employ a 44 kick and instead relies primarily on subbass for its lowend. Dj nate, dj roc, dj rashad, dj tha pope, dj trouble and more. The style was popularized outside chicago by inclusion in the music video for dude n nems 2007 single watch my feet the music style has evolved from the earlier, rapid. This developed into a local djing career and in 2005, with friends, he formed bosses of the circle who began throwing their own parties promoting themselves. Download rebelscum records music label songs, singles and albums on mp3. All footworkjuke music releases on vinyl and cd in stock m footworkjuke. So hard has paradinas fallen for juke, for what he describes as its raw primal energy and purity of intent, it would be fair to say that right now the music forms the backbone of his illustrious planet mu label. Listen to mike paradinas footwork mix 4 by mike paradinas a. Dj rashad and dj spinn reflect on the origins of juke and footwork red bull music academy duration. This music is raw as hell, massive sub bass, twisted samples chopped and screwed out of proportion and insane drum machinie workouts.

Footwork as well as juke is fast 150160 bpm and usually created with roland 808 or 909 model synths. The remixes paradinas offered sounded nothing like the original song, a familiar practice. Ziq on mixcloud also i meant to blog this ages agobut was on me hols, but if you havent heard dj gaz le rocks punk and garage show on 2xfm youre missing out on some of the best radio rte have put out in ages. Do you get frustrated when people collapse juke and footwork as one thing. Your album, my album, traxmans album i think, the attention from that. Catching flies stay forever final sketch remix, by final sketch finalsketch. Footwork has hyper syncopated rhythms, subbass, offbeat tom fills, triplets and pitch manipulated pop samples. Basically what the kids are dancing to in chicago and other points in the midwest. Due to going out of town, people werent familiar with the oneclap, so we had to remake top 40 tunes, juke em out. Our story begins with the birth of the dance mania label, started in 1985 by jesse saunders. Footwork music is a style of music originally from chicago that features extensive use of drum fills, tom drums, handclaps, and snares.

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