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Aircraft approach category means a grouping of aircraft based on a speed of vref, if specified, or if vref is not specified, 1. Whether you are buying, selling or just budgeting, failing to take into account all. Thanks in advance, john insert droll or witty comment here. Updated quarterly, each edition includes more than 3,000 model years of identification and values for all types of business and general aviation aircraft. For over 65 years, aircraft bluebook has been the industry choice for complete and reliable aircraft valuation data. Demystifying the aircraft loan process aviation finance. Vref is a consumergrade tool for amatuer buyers and sellers. Vref online offers subscribers access to a complete database of over 450 aircraft models, including piston fixedwing, turbine, and turboprop fixedwing, turbine, and piston helicopters, commercial narrowbody, warbirds, experimental, lightsport, regional transport, as well asstandalonee engines. Ive run the aopa vref to get a general ballpark idea of the value, but this particular.

When vref has been adjusted by the nonnormal procedure, the new vref is called the adjusted vref and becomes the new vref for landing. Todd huvard, president of aircraftmerchants, a north carolinabased aircraft brokerage, is a commercial pilot with multiengine, instrument and seaplane ratings and is typed in cessna 500 and falcon 20 jets. We provide unbiased, on site, naaa certified aircraft appraisals nationwide. Im in the market for my first ga aircraft and ive found a particular 1967 c33 debonair that suits my fancy. Blue book yes, there is aircraft blue book and vref price guides. Anyone looking to buy, sell, insure, or loan on an. This is the speed required as the landing runway threshold is crossed at a height of 50 feet 15. Into larger turbine aircraft there is a service called aircraft cost calculator. In this blog, the author discusses the various factors that impact the value of an engine and subsequently, the value of the airplane itself.

It and the boeing 707 airliner were developed from the boeing 36780 prototype. This helps the pilot to visually recognize these vspeeds and easily determine how close they are to the vspeeds while in flight. V ref speed, the reference landing approach speed of an aircraft. He outlines the current engine methodology and proposes a new way to look at engine values in the real world. I acknowledge and agree to pentons terms of service and to pentons use of my contact information to communicate with me about offerings by penton, its brands. When aircraft buyers and sellers are afoot, theres one place their paths cross. Your search for make beechcraft returned 5 matches. They can be force fitted for somethings, but if you really must have an absolute no s valuation, you need to hire an aircraft appraiser. Im seeing nearly 40% between vref and quoted tradein value for my aircraft. Search below to see the depth of data aircraft bluebook offers. First time posterquick question about aircraft valuations. An aircraft blueboook is a bluebook value guide for used aircraft. Vref aviations most trusted valuation guide vref aircraft. General aircraft are privately owned aircraft that are used for pleasure or business.

Airspeeds, vspeeds, vx, vy, vs0, vs1, va, vno, vfe, vne. Aircraft bluebook price digest, aircraft value reference vref, and airliner. Youd get a much more accurate figure from the latter than the former. Thanks in advance for any light you can shed on this, friends best, lucky. How much do i offer for a plane in relation to list price. Vref the reference landing approach speed, usually about 1. Contact aircraft digest bluebook, 8006546776 email. Understanding the impact of remaining engine hours on. We routinely refer to these books for general pricing information, as well as other very useful. Vref aviation definition,meaning online encyclopedia. Reading between the lines, it is therefore theoretically possible for a dealer who primarily sells one make or model to skew the data by falsely reporting values. The aopa aircraft valuation service can be used as a good starting point when attempting to determine the general retail value of an airplane. Vref seems to be at the high side of current asking prices. Voltage reference, an electronic device that ideally produces a fixed constant voltage irrespective of other factors.

The new 2016 avitas bluebook jet engine values is available. Tell us what your thoughts are on the declining ac values. In addition, vls is increased when the speedbrakes are extended. Vs stalling speed or the minimum steady flight speed at which the aircraft is controllable.

The aircraft bluebook price digest classifies as pca an aircraft based on its superior characteristics when compared to an identical aircraft with normal wear. He founding editor and publisher of the southern aviator. Vref the threshold speed or the reference indicated approach speed. Published by the boeing kc5 stratotanker is a military aerial refueling aircraft. The kc5 was the us air forces first jetpowered refueling tanker and replaced the kc97 stratotanker. The blue book and aeroprice sources are better estimates of what you can get for your plane. Paao versus blue book values whats the difference between an appraisal performed by a member of the professional aircraft appraisers organization vs. Airspeed indicator fortunately, the airspeed indicator in your airplane will have some of the more important vspeeds highlighted or emphasized directly on the dial of the flight instrument. Aircraft bluebook price digest, aircraft value reference vref, and airliner price guide are paidsubscription publications. Demystifying the aircraft loan process for airplanes. The new 2016 avitas bluebook jet engine values is available june 23, 2016 0 comments first produced in 1998, the avitas bluebook of jet engine values has quickly gained popularity among the leading players in the commercial aircraft industry, as well as those with more specific interests in the market for jet engines. The dark blue line in the jetturbopropheli chart represents changeofstatus information for jets.

Aircraft bluebook marketline newsletter marketline. Lets say you do have a particular airplane in mind. In reality these are broad targets of value, not bullseye of what a. Macbean says, lenders will lend on the purchase price or the vrefbluebook value, whichever is less. Macbean says, lenders will lend on the purchase price or the vrefbluebook value, whichever is. Has anybody done a bench check based on a particular airplanes specs, to see how far off vref and aircraft bluebook differ in total values of the plane. The blue line in the singlemulti chart depicts changeofstatus data for singles. It is up to the appraiser to determine value on that unit. Development of this very different citation began in 1978. Securing an aircraft loan is unlike a car loan where you can walk into a dealership and get your loan within 30 minutes.

However, the true value of an aircraft can only be ascertained on a casebycase basis resulting from a mutual agreement among the buyer, seller, and lender. Vref is a good estimate of the cost to replace your plane with an identical one. Vref reference velocity vs design speed for maximum gust intensity vs vertical speedvertical. Tldr too long didnt read bluebook and vref are very poor resources for actually determining true market value for most aircraft makesmodels. Vancomycinresistant enterococcus faecium, an antibioticresistant microorganism. Bluebook, vref and mooney values general mooney talk. Aircraft blue book has a formula for calculating this value. This service is not designed to provide a detailed appraisal on a particular serial number. Of course, just like aopas vref and the asking prices in tap, there is no guarantee that the numbers shown are anywhere even close to reality. You would then submit a spec sheet which aopa would compare to the value stated in the aircraft value reference vref or aircraft bluebook like the automotive blue book, but for airplanes. Light sport aircraft in an effort to better explain how the aircraft bluebook works, we have included a few more faqs this month that are relevant to all aircraft large and small. Aircraft bluebook is the premier resource for general aviation aircraft values. Vref the reference indicated approach speed, usually 1. Vref also has a system for considering avionics upgrades.

One is aircraft bluebook price digest, and the other is vref publishing. Valuation tools like aircraft bluebook and vref aircraft value. D hi all, i cant figure out how to find vapp, vref and vga for an aircraft. This is not, nor should it be, an absolute value or price. Member of the national aircraft appraisers association.

The all new cessna model 650 citation iii was designed as a high performance, mid size long range corporate jet to supplement the much smaller citation i and ii. They both work ok for popular aircraft withe typical avionics. When vref for you aircraft is say 5 knots, does that mean that the approach is flown at 5 knots or is it flown faster so that the plane touches down at 5 knots after the flare. Vref appraisal services provides comprehensive valuations to determine an aircrafts current market value andor forecasted residual value. Ill cover the problems associated with relying on either of these resources to determine an aircrafts value in another blog so, you may be thinking. Bluebook, vref and mooney values page 3 general mooney. After some initial discussions with a few dealers and looking at vref and current asking market prices im seeing huge gaps between what sellers are asking and likely transaction prices. I am trying to determine if there is an actual need for a value assessment guide that is mooney specific and if so, i am looking for some recommendations on how to accomplish the production of such a. Here are the additions in vref and bb for the referenced autopilots. Aircraft brokers and dealers, wildblue included, periodically report sales values to vref and those values are used to adjust the pricing models on the next quarterly issue. He told me you couldnt even sell a 430w on the used market.

Vs0 stalling speed, or the minimum steady flight speed, in the landing configuration, at mtow. There are four of these in common use within the aviation industry. The numbers do not include aircraft that have empty weights in excess of 33,069 lbs. Aircraft bluebook is a professionalgrade tool used by professional sellers and the insurance industry. In my opinion vref, the blue book, nada guide and naaa database all really best serve the function of helping a buyer establish a relative value of an airplane in comparison to competitors. Malaras aircraft services paao versus blue book values. Blue book tends to be a bit more conservative than vref, at least that is what two different finance companies said.

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