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Schwarzschild and kerr solutions of einsteins field equation. The energy of an electron in circular orbits around a proton in schwarzschild geometry has been investigated and is found to be red shifted. It is located in the northern part of the moons far side. I believe it implies that we are all one and connected to everything in this physical universe. Full text of albert einstein, karl schwarzschild and the schwarzschild metric see other formats albert einstein, karl schwarzschild, and the schwarzschild metrie p. If you cross the schwarzschild radius of a large black hole, youll never be able to return and will become one with the spacetime singularity at its center. Jun 15, 2017 i guess in theory one could talk about this right. This is a brief introduction to the equation and how it may be interpreted. Using a semiclassical model, we find that a proton charge orbiting at a proton radius at c generates a good approximation to the measured anomalous magnetic moment. The schwarzschild metric and applications 1 analytic solutions of einsteins equations are hard to come by. Aug 26, 2009 the deeper implications of this paper is not lost on me however.

Nassim haramein schwarzschild proton paper free download as pdf file. The schwarzschild radius, or gravitational radius is the radius of a sphere that has certain properties. The electron and the holographic mass solution nassim haramein. The main purpose of these meetings is to discuss recent developments in contemporary physics and also to promote. Describes the spacetime curvature near a massive, spherically symmetric body. Martin schwarzschild structure and evolution of the stars dover publications inc. In this paper we present an exact solution of einsteins field equations describing the schwarzschild black hole in dark energy background. The schwarzschild proton home hawaii institute for. Dabholkar, exact counting of black hole microstates. The schwarzschild proton is a paper written by nassim haramein, proposing a. A computation of the electron mass is found utilizing a generalized. We include a scaling law and find that the schwarzschild proton data point lies near the least squares trend line for organized matter.

The schwarzschild proton resonance science foundation. This proportion is equivalent to that between gravitation and the strong force where gravitation is. It is also regarded as an embedded solution that the. The schwarzschild equation is the basis of understanding radiative transfer. Interesting paper the schwarzschild proton physics forums. The radius of the proton cosmogenesis library of akbar ra in. The nearest craters of note are seares to the northeast, and gamow to the southeast. Loinger of the fundamental memoir, that contains the original form of the solution of schwarzschild s problem. A mathematical derivation of the east tennessee state. Schwarzschild radius simple english wikipedia, the free. Haramein, the schwarzschild proton, aip cp 3, isbn 9780735408586, pp. Schwarzschild communicated january th, 1916 see above p. We note that only a very small proportion of the available massenergy density from the vacuum within vp is required for a nucleon to obey the schwarzschild condition.

The equations of motion from the hamiltonjacobi equation are reduced directly to. Schwarzschild is a large lunar impact crater, approximately 211 kilometers 1 mi in diameter. A mathematical derivation of the general relativistic schwarzschild metric an honors thesis presented to the faculty of the departments of physics and mathematics east tennessee state university in partial ful. So the schwarzschild radius of an atomand damn near everything else is the following. Haramein claims to have developed, in collaboration with academicbutfringe physicist elizabeth rauscher, a unified field theory that he calls the harameinrauscher metric. A first course in general relativity, second edition. You can download nassims paper from science domain. Therefore, the spherically symmetric mass leads to the schwarzschild metric regardless of whether the mass is static, collapsing, expanding or pulsating. The solution is regular in the whole spacetime, with the only exception of the origin of the spatial coordinates. Karl schwarzschild was born on the 9th of october 1873 in frankfurt on main to jewish parents. For instance, a freefall freefloat frame standing on a shell at given radius use r, and faraway time t schwarzschild bookkeeping. There were a lot of abstract concepts and sophisticated mathematics displayed, so now would be a good time to summarize the main ideas. Schwarzschild solution is the unique spherically symmetric solution to einsteins equations in vacuum.

A fast new public code for computing photon orbits in a kerr. We include a scaling law and find that the schwarzschild proton falls near the least squares. Harameins paper, video from alienscientist youtube channel read more on. A model is presented that serves to explain the consequences of the schwarzschild equation for an optically thick atmosphere. Schwarzschild metric a229034 5 a229034 schwarzschild metric 9 choice of reference frames there a number of reference frames we can choose from to examine the schwarzschild metric. The student is asked to determine the schwarzschild radius of a black hole of given mass, knowing the schwarzchild radius of a different black hole of given mass. A schwarzschild black hole is described by the schwarzschild metric, and cannot be distinguished from any other schwarzschild black hole except by its mass. Nassims response to the famed bobathon schwarzschild proton. If all the mass of an object is compressed within this sphere, the escape speed from the surface of the sphere would equal the speed of light.

The kerr solution is only unique if the multipole moments of its mass. The tidal forces will destroy you before you get near the schwarzschild radius of a small black hole. The schwarzschild proton paper is the science valid. Processes with considerations of spacetime torque and coriolis forces pdf. An example of an object smaller than its schwarzschild radius is a black hole. A schwarzschild black hole or static black hole is a black hole that has neither electric charge nor angular momentum. His father was active in the business community of the city, and the family had ancestors in the city dating back to the sixteenth century.

Deriving a schwarzschild radius using relativistic mass. Schwarzschild solution quick recap to begin, lets recap what we learned from the previous lecture. Schwarzschilds solution figure from thornes black holes and time warps. The electrical dipole moment of such a system is also estimated. Schwarzschild radius university of nebraskalincoln. Dec, 2009 4 mr haramein has changed the mass of the proton to accomplish his goals on the subatomic scale, although he seems to have completely ignored the consequences of this change on larger scales. We further verify the viability of the schwarzschild proton by constructing a scaling law 10,18 to determine if it is. Nassim haramein schwarzschild proton paper proton gravity.

Schwarzschild kyouran no ginga pc 88 nec and sharp systems music schwarzschild proton entity interacting with the vacuum and a possible creation process. This seems ridiculously small, but i cant figure our if im doing something wrong or if it really is just that tiny. Again, the point is not to be able to understand the details with extreme rigor, but to grasp the. Full text of albert einstein, karl schwarzschild and the. Pdf schwarzschild black hole in dark energy background. Bruskiewich mathematicalphysics, university of british columbia, vancouver, bc this paper was written in 1981 with the kind assistance of dr. If you delve right into it, it is not just about qm and trying to prove that the standard model of the proton may be incorrect. Nassims response to the famed bobathon schwarzschild. The difference between the standard model and the schwarzschild proton model is that the standard model has absolutely zero explanation as to where the mechanisms come from to produce both the force and the interaction time, where the schwarzschild proton model gives very clear fundamental mechanical reasons for its existence. Karl schwarzschild sought the metric describing the static, spherically symmetric spacetime surrounding a spherically symmetric mass distribution. The schwarzschild solution is unique and its metric can be interpreted as the exterior gravitational eld of a spherically symmetric mass.

Schwarzschild protons would rotate at c and have a period of 1023s and a frequency of 1022 hz which is characteristic of the strong force interaction time and a close approximation of the gamma emission typically associated with nuclear decay. In short, he gets rid of the strong and weak forces and accounts for the missing mass using the classical mechanics of gravity at the atomic level making all protons mini black holes. We use the schwarzschild value to be conservativespinning black holes have. I have shown below two different approaches to deriving the schwarzschild radius. At the annual general meeting of the astronomische gesellschaft in kiel in september 1959, under the chairmanship of paul ten bruggencate, the third successor to schwarzschilds chair, the society inaugurated the karl schwarzschild lecture 1. We examine the role of the strong nuclear force relative to the gravitational forces between two schwarzschild protons and find that the gravitational component is.

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