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The hobby boss pershing heavy tank plastic tank model accurately. This site uses we recommend the following browsers select language site search donate site search donate. This includes the accuracy, rate of fire, damage per shot, aiming time, etc. The pershing was developed to fight heavy tanks, and was itself initially classified as heavy. A few saw combat in the closing phase of world war ii. Compared to other tier 8 medium tanks, pershing armor is excellent and capable of bouncing lowtier guns. Brandnew dragon 6889 flakpanzer iv kugelblitz magic track smart kit, weathered.

One of my all time favorite tanks and still one of the most requested videos. Guide to the m26 pershing posted in player guides and information. British and american tanks of world war ii, by peter chamberlain and chris ellis, arco publishing company, 1975, p. Guide to the m26 pershing posted in player guides and. The lineage of the m60 patton tank began with the introduction of the pershing m26e3 prototype at the end of wwii. The m26 pershing had a slow and arduous beginning, when the need for a heavy tank was not in the. Having fought a panther in what might be the most famous tank duel ever, the t26e3 eagle 7 is a version of the iconic m26 pershing. Blitz m26 pershing read more about m26 pershing, play free mobile online mmo game for ios and android. Panzermk6s guide to the pershing by request, im writing this guide on one of my personal favorite tanks, the m26 pershing. Army, the m26 was temporarily classified as heavy tank.

M26 pershing is just normal tech tree tank, nothing special, but i found it really lovely to drive with nice turret. Guide to the m26 pershing world of tanks blitz official. American medium tank, named in honor of general john pershing, who led the american expeditionary force during world war i. M26 pershing slow and steady world of tanks blitz youtube. M26 pershing winning in town world of tanks blitz youtube. Starting in february 1945 these vehicles took part in world war ii. World of tanks blitz m26 pershing american medium tank tier 8 mastery gameplays. World of tanks blitz m26 pershing american medium tank tier 8 mastery.

The m26 pershings 90 mm gun can be summed up in just one word. The m26 pershing was a test bed for a new design incorporating. Add antenna from m4 thunderbolt on the roof of turret. Download wallpapers world of tanks, wot, leopard i, german tanks, online. Martin dogger provides the best gameplay for wot blitz and wot console.

World of tanks blitz pershing american medium tank tier 8 mastery gameplay and raseiniai battle. Wot blitz m26 pershing easy mastery gameplays youtube. Guide to the m26 pershing world of tanks blitz forum. The m26 pershing would later be reclassified as a medium tank and become the blueprint for tanks such as the m46, m47, m48 patton, and m60 main battle tanks. This is probably my luckiest raiseniai battle ive ever had. Wage war in the premier freetoplay teambased action game dedicated to. All songs have been downloaded from youtube audio library and are. It comes with similar qualities as the original vehicle on tier viii, but since the eagle 7 is a tier lower, there are obviously some minor differences you need to pay attention to. In 1948, the m26e2 version with a new more powerful and reliable engine and transmission became the m46 general patton, which in turn was upgunned and modified resulting in the m47 and. Is 7 the iconic world of tanks blitz tier x heavy duration. One of the most clutch tanks in the game with an amazing mantlet and gun depression.

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